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ATP Monitoring

ProMix Systems offers ATP Monitoring Products to empower your Group Home to measure and address today's evolving compliance requirements.

ATP/hygiene meters are used after cleaning and are very effective at proving the cleaning process was sufficient. 

ProMix Systems suggests the following ATP products for the Group Home environment:

1)     SystemSure Plus V2 ATP Luminometer (SKU# ATP-202) and SuperSnap swabs (SKU# ATP3000)This is an ATP hygiene system which uses special Supersnap swabs with high degrees of chemical resistance. The SystemSure Plus meter and Supersnaps swabs will log data into the meter for documentation and reporting.

Supersnaps Swabs packaged in 100/case using 4 x 25/pouch

2)      Proclean swabs (SKU# ATP120). These are protein residual swabs that change colour if protein residues are present. Proteins are present in foods. So, if cleaning is sufficient it will change Green (good) or Grey to Purple (dirty). No meter is needed, so this is a good starter system for Group Homes trying to evaluate their Compliance needs.

ProClean Swabs packaged in 100/case using 4 x 25/pouch

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