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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any cost for the ProMix "One Shot" Laundry equipment?
A: No, as long as your home is using our laundry products.

Q: Who services our ProMix "One Shot" Laundry equipment?
A: We do -- at NO charge to your home.

Q: What is the warranty on commercial-grade washers and dryers?
A: Our Maytag-exclusive 5-yr Parts and 3 months Parts & Labour Warranty.

Q: What is Oxygen Destainer & why do we need it in our laundry system?
A: Oxygen destainer is a hospital/commercial grade of hydrogen peroxide/colour-safe bleach. Several big advantages over chlorine bleach are as follows:
1) acts as a bleach/sanitizer
2) colour-safe on all clothing (will not damage clothing)
3) environmentally friendly
4) healthier choice for you and your staff

Q: Why does my washer door leak?
A: Be sure to gently inspect and clean-out the rubber door seal of lint and foreign matter on a regular basis to ensure a proper seal. If this does not correct the leak, be sure to go to the contact us link on our home page for further support.

Q: Why does my front-load washer have a foul odour?
A: It is very important to clean in behind the door seal with sanitizer to remove mold, mildew, etc. This should be done once per week. If you continue to have problems, contact us  for further support.

Q:There is an air bubble in the clear intake tube leading to the "One Shot" laundry pump and I'm not getting detergent into the washer....what should I do?
A: First, be sure that the intake tube in the detergent container is sitting in the detergent; when detergent levels get too low, the intake tube can begin to suck air thereby creating air in the lines. To avoid this, use a small block of wood or old book and put it under 1 end of the container thereby moving detergent to opposite corner and ensure intake tube is sitting in detergent. 
This, along with changing to a new full detergent container (as necessary) will generally eliminate air bubbles after several rounds of engaging the "One Shot" pump.
Should the above process not eliminate the in-line air bubbles, be sure to contact us for further support.

Q: I'm having urine-odour problems in our laundry. What should I do?
A: Difficult urine odours can be exacerbated by medications and certain dietary regimes; however, there are a few recommendations we would suggest:

1) The use of our new #8654 - Green Choice Elite Fresh and Clean, 20 litre, which is a 4-in-1 sanitizer, colour-safe bleach, and odour-control product.

2) All urine-soaked laundry should be rinsed in laundry tub and/or run a rinse cycle with washer then process clothing through regular wash cycle.
3) If you are using our detergent-only laundry product, be sure to use the Oxygen Destainer option (button) on the "One Shot" laundry pump.
4) The addition of fabric softener can also minimize odour issues. If after these procedures urine odours are still present, be sure to contact us for further support.

Q: I'm having difficultly removing stains from laundry. What should I do?
A: Some things to consider:
- a presoak in the washer is always advised
- as well using a pre-spotter is advised
- be sure to use the Oxygen Destainer option on the "One Shot" laundry pump
- If stains are still present after doing the above, be sure to be sure to contact us for further support.